Controversial figures

I agree with what Jordan Peterson, Andrew Tate, Elon Musk, Joe Rogan and other “controversial figures” convey when they are not taken out of context.

Weak people are dangerous, both to themselves and others, and I know this to be true by reflecting on my own experience with myself.

By weak I don’t mean kind. And by kind I don’t mean lying to protect others (arrogance) or lying to protect our personal ego (unconsciousness).

I believe kindness to be the purest form of sincerity and authenticity, regardless how it may rub ourselves and others the “wrong” way.

If this “offends” you, please do us both a favour and disconnect from me, both here (n.r. LinkedIn) and in real life. I don’t need your job, I don’t need your “friendship” and I don’t need your “wisdom”.

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