“Dick can only be sucked in so many ways”

This is the most direct, balanced and logical discussion I’ve heard on the topic. Call Andrew Tate what you want, but besides that, I think he is perspicacious, intelligent, insightful, capable and experienced. I love the women in the video and how they discuss in order to try to make sense of things, not just blame and perpetuate a ridiculous sex war.

In my “non-G” opinion and experience, all these apply to people with Anxious and Avoidant attachment styles – people with unresolved emotional pain that have detached from their sensibility and consciousness, both men and women. “Hurt people hurt people”.

Someone with an emotionally Secure attachment style mostly enjoys life as it is, they buy things they actually value etc. Their egos (fake selves) are very much inline with their true selves.

And a lot of people who are emotionally secure and trully awake to their true selves and inner reality do genuinely love themselves and most genuine people, they enjoy freedom and “offer” freedom, so sexual exclusivity isn’t even a topic, because deep in our hearts we all feel we don’t own another human being and we are not owned by another human being.

If anything Andrew Tate or anyone else says makes you angry, have you ever asked your self why?

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