In my experience, most people become intelectuals out of a feeling of inferiority in order to manifest superiority over the peope they felt inferior to and resented for their alleged superiority. I believe this because I sometimes was one of these assholes and sometimes still am, although a bit more aware.

One psychoterapist once told me:
“Who are you trying to make happy? Your self, or your ego?”

I deeply respect doers, whatever they do, and have deep disrespect for talkers/debaters, whatever they talk/debate – unless it’s based on honest experience obtained by doing.

However, why am I focusing on this when I can choose to put myself in a place that works for my self? Because I’m an arrogant asshole (factual observation, not value judgement) and instead of taking personal responsibility for my honest wellbeing, I derive superiority from criticising other people, instead of absorbing the reality that we each do the best we can with the sole purpose of having inner peace and we’re equally valuable as human lives once we strip off the “decorations”.

We’re permanently one button away from extinction and I find relief in this thought.

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