Robbie Williams – Advertising Space

Hello. Starting 27th April 2023 I will be available for a new employment.

I have not lost my job, I resigned. I am under no time nor money pressure to find just any new job that could pay the bills, as my finances are well managed.

What I aim for is a company and a team where we could engage in meaningful work and meaningful relationships based on honesty and transparency. I offer my complete honesty and transparency and I expect the same, at least in work related matters.

I have a wide range of skills and abilities as a natural effect of a diverse professional background and natural curiosity. All visible on my LinkedIn profile. Relentless, courageous problem solver. Happy to discuss in detail.

I can share a detailed profile of the seven Agile delivered projects I worked on specifically as a Business Analyst/ Proxy Product Owner, with an informal influence as a Scrum Master.

I am prioritising opportunities in Cluj-Napoca, where I live, with the facility of going to the office each day, which is my preference.

Unless it’s an exceptional business domain which I feel strongly passionate about, like capital markets or money apps that really simplify operations and delight users, the minimum net monthly salary I am looking for is €4,000 / 20,000 RON.

In case you would be willing to share this message for me to your network, thank you and I deeply appreciate your support.

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