Saints vs. Saints, Employees vs. Employers

Initially written on LinkedIn, in May 2023.

It’s probably not entirely so, but my biased observations from real life and from LinkedIn posts are that both employers and employees seem to be tired and frustrated with the cat-and-mouse game between the two, however both contribute to the endless soul wrecking bullshit by not being truthful and self accountable.

In the end, it seems it’s just people vs. people, same as everywhere else in society, each with their own reasons and rationalizations for being how they are and for acting how they act – self proclaimed saints vs. self proclaimed saints.

At least in my present state, if I’ll take another employment, it will be in a context like:

– Look, we’re building guns. We trully have no idea why, but people seem to want to pay for them and we seem to be good at building them. All we care about is profit and beating the shit out of our competitors by ruthless practices. Personally, I want loads of money for status, gorgeous hookers, fast cars, to take care of my family and the ability to flee the country in case of armed violence. Who knows why else. I just love money and winning. I want to offer you as little money I can for as much monetizable effort I can squeeze out of you. In case we go bankrupt or we’ll have to ditch you to cut costs, that’s life. What do you want?

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